Residential Painter Who Knows Color Trends

A good residential painter strives to keep stay on top of the latest trends on home and furnishing design, particularlyLiving-room-foil-ceiling with paint colors. Just like with fashion, paint color trends for home painting also change from time to time. It can be influenced by various events around the world and, overtime, have gone from bright and striking to subdued and dark.

So what are the colors for this year? When last year’s palette was more on bright and upbeat colors, this year’s hues are slightly safer. This might have been influenced by the consumers looking for an end to the troubled economy of the world. However, this does not exactly mean that homeowners should not hire a residential painter or get into interior painting. This only means that the house paint colors are safer, meaning those that will give them a feeling of comfort and peace in their homes.

If you are looking to get into the trends and give your home a sense of comfort and peace, choose from today’s top colors. You can do this on your own or, to save you the hassle, simple get painting services and hire the expertise of a residential painter.

Residential Painter Color Choices

Blues. Wythe Blue has been identified a top pick today but aside from this, consider choosing from two other colors. There is the steely Montpelier which has a rather grayish touch to it and has been considered as bearing a quality that is timeless. Another hue to consider is Amethyst Shadow. Judging by its name, you might think that this has a purplish shade but it also has a rather gray hue. This color is somewhere in between blue and purple.

Grays. For the grays category, the colors Revere Pewter, Nimbus Gray, Sharkskin and Stardust shades are great picks. All of these colors have a smoky and rich consistency that will give your home a dreamy and soft effect.

Neutrals. Many people will always appreciate a neutral color so it has not left home painting idea this time. Ask your residential painter about painting your home with shades like Pashmina, Refined, White Dove and Ballet White. These are very safe colors that would not go out of style.

Bold Hues. If you live in the city, there is a fair chance that you would want more daring color painting tips. If you are one of these people, choose between Persimmon and Gypsy Love to give your home a burst of bold color.

Earth Colors. These warm tones should also be recommended by your residential painter as they play a big role in today’s trends. This is a pretty safe color to pick that it would be hard for you to wrong with them. Take your pick from Fresh Olive, Dunmore Cream, Farm Fresh and Masada.

Looking to give your home any of these hues? Call us. We will do all the work for you and work our magic to make sure that you end up with a more beautiful house than before. We will send you a great residential painter to spare you all the hassles of buying paint, setting up and cleaning them!