About Fine Line Painting | Residential Painter | Los Gatos CA

Fine Line Painting was founded in Los Gatos, California by owner Eric Ditmars in 1984. The inspiration and experience for quality painting began by working on many historic Victorian homes in Los Gatos, Willow Glen, and San Jose areas. Believing in detail oriented preparation, with an organized approach, and preferring hand brushed paint finishes over spray finishes, Fine Line Painting was established.

We have committed ourselves, out work, and our best to continually serve our clients. We hope to serve you from the North Bay to the South Bay and everywhere in between.

Green Painting Services

We have introduced “green” non-toxic paint, stain, and clear finishes to our customers which offer low VOC (90) coating for all interior and exterior needs. Additionally, we can recommend cabinetry, doors, and woodwork.

“My goal is to consistently provide quality service for applications of architectural grade coatings. We want to continually progress and evolve with the industry leaders, to be able to offer the best results for our valued clients.”

– Eric Ditmars, Owner

Please call us at (408) 640-3646, or email us here.